Easy Driver®

Easy Driver®: A safe method to apply BENEfit® palatal screws and any orthodontic device placed on the same day.

Easy Driver®

Project born from the collaboration between Uniontech laboratories of Parma and Milan, FACE and Dr. Renzo De Gabriele.

BENEfit® System

Skeletal anchorage in orthodontics. An alternative and effective support in orthodontic treatment.

BENEfit® mini-implants can be easily inserted and are minimally invasive. The use of BENEfit®-System in orthodontic practice offers clinicians innovative, safe and fast therapeutic options; thanks to the design of its components, BENEfit®-System can be used for several applications. BENEfit®-System suits to the various needs clinicians might need to solve. It offers the possibility of combining different dental movements using a single device appropriately designed and built by the certified laboratory with Easy Driver® system.

BENEfit® screw features
  • -Self-tapping implant tip
  • - Internal hole for fixing the screw or the abutment pin
  • - A deep thread and a sharp design ensure a safe anchorage even in porous bone tissue
  • - The optimal hole design allows an easy insertion without force application

BENEfit® mini screws allow skeletal anchoring with the advantage of ensuring both an easy insertion and no need for collaboration, overcoming the constraints of traditional equipment and allowing dental movements long considered to be difficult to achieve. The main problem encountered during their insertion is the lack of precision due to the anatomical difficulties of the insertion area. This problem might affect their efficiency.

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  • - Possible and recommended immediate loading
  • - Minimally invasive insertion
  • - The orthodontist can apply BENEfit® mini screws by avoiding the involvement of other dental specialists
  • - Ease to remove
  • - All the components are designed to provide safety to clinicians and ensure comfort to the patient
  • - BENEfit®-System mini-implants do not osseointegrate
  1. - Expansions
  2. - Anchorages
  3. - Intrusions and Extrusions
  4. - Third-class tractions
  5. Mesialization and Distillation

Certified Easy Driver® labs